Keratina Brasil was founded on 10/19/2011, and promises to bring together the highest technology with the highest quality in its products and services proposing the complete satisfaction of our customers.


Keratina Brasil is a company that keeps the focus on its customers to serve them in the best way. Thus we aim to expand reaching the most varied public as beauty salons, hairdressers, consumers among many others who believe and use our services.




Keratina Brasil brings reach of all who care about hair, skin and especially with health the best products and beauty services. So we want everyone to enjoy the best products and equipment that are available in the market today.



Creating a chain of good professionals and quality products is one of the obligations of Keratina Brazil. This is so we can more efficiently serve our customers. However Keratina Brasil does not turn its back on social and environmental needs. We work with low electricity consumption and we have several recycling projects in the region.



Our main concern is to satisfy all our customers without distinction. With respect and responsibility with your purchases. Bringing the best in products, equipment and prices to everyone.

Keratina Brasil brand brings a hair care concept that prioritizes hair health and promises to impress its customers with nano technology research results in which you can act deeply and intensely in the threads giving stunning and fabulous effects.