Through studies and with high technology we have come up with a unique formula to recover damaged and dried threads in high performance. Aimed at the professional, Alfa Keratin treatment reduces hair volume and gives shine, softness and movement to the strand.


With hydrolyzed keratin in its composition, the antivolume treatment besides aligning the threads and seal the cuticles of the hair giving smooth and intense shine, counts on a reconstructive treatment that allows the maximum health to the threads, filling the porosity of the cortex to the scales with replacement of capillary mass. The raw material used in the treatment Keratin Keratin is rich in protein and composed of the best quality of conditioning and anti-static actives.


Alfa Keratina treatment allows you to have smooth, shiny hair, natural movement and impeccable health. We recommend this product for every woman who wants to have beautiful hair and with high self-esteem, renewed beauty with greater confidence in herself. We believe that the woman should feel good the way she wants to be!


A product fully thought of in woman and in all her needs.


Keratina Brazil Alpha Keratina Treatment is intended for all types of hair.